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There are so many great baby bottles on the market, but what about brands that are the BEST for twins? We have searched the globe for the best products to make feeding time the most efficient as possible! As we know, keeping the babies on a good routine and saving time here and there makes for happy babies and a happier home! 
Twincredible is proud to stock Yoomi Feeding Systems (UK) the world's FIRST self warming bottles, as well as Mama's Milk Warmer by Nutto (USA) that xx


Yoomi gently warms baby's feed to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds... making parents lives easier at home and on the go. They use a re-chargeable pod that inserts into the bottle and one minute later that bottle is warmed to the correct temperature. After use, the pod can be re-charged in the microwave for 2 minutes, or in a pot of boiling water. It stays charged until it is used again, up to 150 times. They use no plug-ins or batteries, making them very cost effective. Once recharged, they stay that way until used. They are currently for sale via our sister site

Mama's Milk Warmer by Nutto are a safe, simple and effective way to warm your milk WITHOUT ELECTRICITY. No batteries or plugs required! Nutto is made of top grade insulated stainless steel, so all you do is fill the container with warm tap water and the milk is warmed on the go. It takes only about 3 minutes, longer for frozen milk (obviously!) Never wait for the kettle to boil again & no more asking for a cup of dangerous boiling water in cafe's! Great for moving around the house freely with twins and warm one babies bottle safely and easily next to you while you feed the other. 
They are currently for sale via our sister site

Both products are safe for warming expressed breast milk and formula. 

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