The Pillow

When their twins arrived Olivia and Shane's family instantly doubled from two to four young boys. For the next six months, life was exceptionally busy, especially when their twins needed to be fed. All of the advice they received was to keep their twins on the same schedule as best as possible. 

With up to 8 feeds every day for each newborn baby, that equals 1440 feeds in the first six months!
Double that for twins and is a time consuming 2880 times! 

After finding nothing on the Australian market that helped them do that, the Twincredible Feeding Pillow was born!

The feeding pillow is designed for the supervised bottle feeding of two babies at once. Whether you choose to use expressed breast milk or formula, the Twincredible Feeding Pillow helps you to securely position your babies next to each other, while one adult can comfortably hold two bottles and feed simultaneously. The pillow is also a secure place to have one supervised baby lying while you change, burp or comfort the other baby close by.

The pillow has a slight angle (approximately 30 degree's) which is recommended to aid digestion (especially for babies with reflux or colic). The (feet) end of the pillow inserts has a depth of 10cm to help keep the babies in position.

Recommended from birth to about 6 months (depending on the length of your babies).

The Twincredible Feeding Pillow is available in white 'faux' leather making it durable and easy to clean. A cloth nappy or muslin wrap can also be placed under the babies for ease of cleaning. Simply wipe down with a damp sponge, baby wipe or microfibre cloth.