Twincredible Feeding Pillow


The Twincredible Feeding Pillow was designed by Olivia Anderson, a Melbourne mum of four young boys, including identical twins Jack and Harry. Knowing the importance of feeding twins at the same time in order to keep them on the same schedule, as well as keeping them safe and comfortable, this feeding pillow is designed to make life with baby twins easier.

Covered in premium white faux leather, it is sturdy and maintains it shape, with the cover not needing to be removed to be washed. The Twincredible is easy to clean using a damp sponge, baby wipe, or microfibre cloth. Designed to be comfortable for one adult to feed two small babies at once, many times around the clock! With a length of 60cm, it is perfect for newborns up to at least 6 months of age, normally longer (depending on the length of your babies). 

Note: the Twincredible Feeding Pillow is a secure place to leave one supervised baby lying while you change, burp or comfort the other baby close by, it is not a sleeping device. Babies should never be left unattended. 

PRICE: $149 + GST + Shipping (price varies per location).

May 2020: waiting on new stock to arrive, thank you for your support.